This blog is all about landscaping and okay, maybe a little about gardening.

By reading this blog you’ll learn about:

  • landscape designs
  • planning
  • tools of the trade
  • tricks and tips to help your life be easier in the yard
  • gardening
  • gardens and examples
  • … and a few extra topics I just haven’t thought about yet

I’m not saying this site is going to teach you how to be a landscape contractor, but it will help you learn what landscapers do and how to plan out a successful garden which is useful to you and fits your lifestyle (can you say upkeep?).

About My Newsletter

On the left you’ll see my newsletter optin. No worries, it’s my own private newsletter so you won’t have to worry about giving out your email address and all of a sudden start receiving emails about vitamins which help your sex life in some way.

Are those vitamins…?

Anyway, your email stays with me alone and I use an online service called Aweber to send my emails. They are a reputable company so your email address should be safe with them.

The types of emails you’ll get will be short, little tips to help make your life easier in your garden and plan things so they last. It doesn’t talk about money or anything, we’re just going to stick to the tips and ideas to make things easier for you.

About Tris

I must admit something to you so I can get this off my chest right here and now. My real name is not Tris but it is my screen name. You see, I work for a landscaping company and since they have their own website I don’t want to compete online with them and thus cause me trouble at work.

Landscaping is a lot of work, but I do enjoy it. If you like getting out doors but not venturing too far away from home, getting down and dirty in your garden is the place to be… okay, that didn’t sound right but you know what I mean.

That said, let’s get on to blogging, shall we?

Oh and I almost forgot, if you know a thing or two about our trade and would like to offer up a guest post on my blog, just head over to the contact page and shoot me an email.