Bonsai: Your Mini-Tree Garden

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Bonsai – it is a popular name these days in gardening. Some find it adorable due to its size while others are amazed by its beauty. The origin of bonsai can be traced back 1000 years ago in China.

It was originally named as Punsai which a term used for the practice of growing one tree in a pot. To make it clear, bonsai it not a type of tree or plant, it is a method of growing them in a pot. China introduced the practice to Korea and Japan.

Many may have assumed it was originated in Japan because of its popularity in the country but it only cultivated what was introduced to them. Bonsai is one contribution of East gardeners in the industry of gardening,

If you have the green thumb and you want to experience a new way of gardening, then bonsai is a good choice. For some it is quite addicting and they can’t stop collecting the plants and care and prune them every day. However you need to be knowledgeable about bonsai to do it right.

If you commit a mistake, it could the end of your bonsai gardening. Tis article will talk about the important tools and growing tips on how to make your bonsai a success.

Gardening tools

  • Pliers – You need a 7-inch plier to wrap up your branches with wire. This is the start of your bonsai practice.
  • Evaporation Tray – This tray will provide moisture to your plant every day. You must put stones and put water on it and then place your container on top. When the water evaporates, it also provides moisture to you plant.
  • Small Saw – you need to make clean cuts in your plant, so you need to have folding small saw to do the job.
  • Root Rake – In bonsai gardening, you have a shallow container so you need a root rake to dig on the soil for aeration and better absorption of water. It is also important when you need to relocate your plant.
  • Cutter – It is very essential that you should be careful on cutting your branches especially the small ones. Additionally, you need to cut them one by one and the great tool for the job is a cutter.

Gardening Tips

Now you need to care and shape your bonsai trees depending on your preference. However, you should consider some tips on how to do it right to avoid damaging your plants. Here are several tips to keep in mind for your bonsai gardening:

  1. Make use of the Bonsai Green Spores – Keeping it green is one aspect of bonsai gardening and this is the importance of the green spores. These plants enhance your bonsai garden making it beautiful to look at. You can find then on garden stores in affordable process.

You can easily place them on your garden and they easily grow like they have their own feet. With proper moisture, they give out their best green color. During the dry season, they become brown and eventually die. However, when they can get moisture again in the air, they re-grow and make your garden gorgeous.

Make sure to use gravel along with these spores. They are very pleasing to eyes and effortlessly make your garden appealing.

  1. Getting the Right Shape for your Tree – Your tree is constantly growing so the branches go to different direction. It is essential to chop off some braches or even the trunk of the tree. Make sure to cut the branches with care and seal it when done.

You can use a sealant such as Bonsai cut paste for the fresh-cut branches. This is to avoid too much moisture being evaporated from your plant. Make use a great quality of sealant one that easily falls off from your branch.

There are several sealants that have a faster healing while a few have slow effect yet they heal the wound properly.

  1. Bonsai Lime Sulfur for Tree Health – Lime Sulfur prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi. Make sure you wear mask and gloves when using this solution because of its strong chemicals that could harm the body. Also Lime Sulfur can bleach the deadwood.

The branch turns white and become an aesthetic element in your garden. Make sure to paint the branches, do not spray it directly to the plant.

Growing your first bonsai is definitely a rewarding and thrilling experience. Make sure to check online for some pruning and shaping ideas for your bonsai. You will surely enjoy the simplicity and beauty bonsai brings to your garden and house.

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