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Make Your Landscape Design Better than the Rest

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If you are in the planning stage of your landscaping project, then there are a few factors and questions you have to ask yourself before coming up with a final decision. Make sure that what you have is the best you can come up with.

A few tips will be discussed to help you make a good plan and how to execute it well. These will also help you make up your mind and enjoy an appealing landscape for your garden.

Does the design compliment your home?

landscapingMake sure that the design you choose or the design of the landscape designer you hire compliments your house in an aesthetic way. The goal is to not to make your garden stand out more than your house. Your house is the center of your garden, so the landscape should enhance the surroundings of your home to make it more attractive. However, the design should make your garden noticeable.

The shapes and colors should be selected wisely. Don’t just pick something because it is beautiful. Decide on what you want to put in your garden that will make it more beautiful.

Choose your plants well.

Just putting any plant in your garden would make it look like a jungle. Select the plants and their colors carefully. Colors of your flowers should also be chosen well and this could result to a beautiful garden bed that will definitely look good on your landscape.

Are benches necessary?

Yes, definitely! If you plan to walk around your garden during nighttime and probably spend quality time there, then you should add some benches on your garden. This could be a great way to unwind after work. If you have kids who want to play around your garden, then make an appropriate place for them to play so they can’t destroy your garden and lawn.

Light it up

Garden lights will make your garden more attractive during the evenings. During summer evenings, the whole family will most probably spend time outdoors and it would be safer if you have lights on your outdoor environment.

If you have water structures such as a waterfall or customized fountain, then you can add beauty to it by placing some lights. Your kids will surelyenjoy spending more time outdoorseven after sunset.

Balance is the Key

Having to repeat a certain design in your garden will really look great. Visitors and neighbors will easily notice your garden. However, repeating it too much is bad for the landscape. There should be a balance in your garden to make it more striking and appealing.

Flowers All-Year Round

No doubt, flowers bring color and beauty to your garden so it is essential you make them blossom throughout the year. This is to maintain a colorful area in your garden every day all throughout the year.

How to Make Landscaping Less Stressful?

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Landscaping is a creative way to make improvements on the appearance of your front and back yard. If you look around your yard and cannot find anything that is interesting or you still have a large space to move around, then you should start planning your landscape design. There are plenty of ways you can improve your garden and make use of the space available.

landscapingAdding large features like swimming pool or fountains create a beautiful effect on your lifestyle. It also increases the value of your property (if you plan to sell it) and makes you satisfied with your home’s overall appearance.

However, landscaping can be risky process. It can cause damage to your garden and might cost you a fortune. This is definitely a challenge forall homeowners. If you don’t have experience with this kind of overwhelming task, then it might lead to disaster.

So in order to avoid these things, here are some helpful ways to make this huge process go smoothly as you want it to be, making you save time, money and keep you away from stress.

Seek the Help of a Professional

Make sure you ask help from a professional landscape designer from a reliable company. You can then discuss with him your goals for your garden, make plans and set the budget.

Leave the whole process to them and let them do what they do best. Just make sure this company has good reviews online and they are friendly, efficient and affordable.

Choose a Good Season

According to professional gardeners, summer is typically the perfect time for landscaping work to get started.  Summer means no bad weather will come so the landscapers can work the whole day. A rainy day will make certain jobs unfinished and also means more mud which could get messy.

A bad day can ruin your time table for the landscaping job and might cost you. So choose the hot season because at that time the weather will surely be in your favor.

Always be Prepared

You have to come prepared for unavoidable circumstances. You can take time off from your work, so you can see and monitor the progress of your landscape. If problems occur, then you are there as the homeowner to help solve it.

Also stick to the budget. The more you are prepared financially, the more you are prepared to deal with inevitable situations when things go wrong.

DIY Landscaping: 5 Important Steps to Make One

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If you are a type of person who wants to do things all by yourself, then doing your own landscaping might have crossed your mind. Landscaping is no joke, you really have to use your creative juices and have full understanding what landscaping is all about.

landscapingThis is not just about planting trees, putting your decorations or laying out your lawn nicely. If you are one of the people who don’t have an idea of how complicated landscaping job is, then a list of DIY tips will help you get started.

1.    Choose your Theme

Choosing your theme is the first and critical step you have to do. It can be as simple as choosing a one color scheme or can be a bit complicated such as tropical forest or somehow an oasis-like theme. Your theme is your decision, so choose one that reflects your personality best.

The goal is to make your garden unique and attractive to look at. You have to select it wisely because you cannot change your theme if you are halfway through.

2.    Research more.

You might have a few ideas on plants you want to incorporate in your garden but you have to research more. Make sure to research more about the climate, condition and care these plants need. Be an expert of every plant you have in mind that you want for your garden.

Knowing all of this can make you save time, money and effort. It is important that these plants will be taken care of or they will just end up dead and be an eyesore for your landscape.

3.    Keep it Simple

You don’t have to go overboard with your decorations. Keeping it simple and elegant will bring out the real beauty of your plants along with the accessories. Placing rocks, garden gnomes, water structures and others in the right place will help enhance the landscape.

Bring in your creativity in this step and you will surely have great results. Don’t use too many or you will end up having an overcrowded garden.

4.    Budget if you can

Set your budget and stick to it. Getting out of what you have will make you feel remorse in yourself. It is practical to save money, especially when rainy days come.

5.    Save Money

In all possible ways, try to save money. Being thrifty is the best way you can save more but have the things you want. How to save? List down all the things you need, shop around to look for the sale items, and make wise decisions.

This list could go on but these five tips will help your DIY landscaping get started. I am surely hoping for the best on your upcoming project and may you have a beautiful and appealing landscape in weeks to come!

3 Simple Steps to Remodel your Backyard

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Remodeling your backyard is definitely a good idea…but where to start? There are so many landscaping ideas that you can find online and you can also check out some magazines or you can just roam around your neighborhood to find your inspiration. You might see designs that you like but don’t be a copy cat.

You can add your own creativity and style to your backyard. Applying what you have learned and seen in landscaping can bring amazing and beautiful results to your garden. Here are a few tips on how to enhance your backyard:

Use Rocks and Boulders

landscapingRocks give that attractive and unique look to your garden. They instantly blend in with your garden that they look like they are truly apart of the overall landscape. There are a lot of ways to decorate these boulders to make your backyard appealing and relaxing for the whole family.

You can add tiny stones to your walkways or pathways and then also add a few big stones to bring elegance to your landscape. It’s also a great idea to add some wood sticks on the path or walkways’ both sides. It could result to a beautiful path if you do it right.

Bring in the Fountain

Fountains are really wonderful structure for your garden. So when you walk around your garden, seeing this could make you feel relaxed and just by watching the water movement, you will instantly feel at peace. They are a few varying designs of fountain that you might want to consider for your backyard.

Lighted fountains are perfect during the nighttime. Another type is wall fountain. You can incorporate this fountain in any backyard wall and they give your wall that stylish unique feel.

Garden Lights

Now that summer has arrived, your family might prefer spending evenings outside of the house. This is one of the reasons why proper lighting is essential.

Installing garden fixtures in your backyard can make it attractive and noticeable. These lights could also add security to your home, so burglars won’t be getting near your property.

Landscaping ideas are not difficult to find these days. They can be found in magazines, online or simply by asking your friends and family. Landscaping ideas do not only enhance your overall backyard but also increase the value of your home.

So whenever your friends or visitors drop by, they will be stunned by your wonderful backyard.You can also hire a professional landscape designer, if the task is overwhelming for you. He will help you through the whole process of improving your backyard.

Whatever landscape ideas you plan to incorporate in your backyard, keep in mind that you can be successful in achieving the landscape you’ve always wanted by having an inspiration and of course, a dose of creativity.