Great Tree Design for Your Backyard Landscape

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Trees are often associated with shade and protection but it is not always included in the collection of flowers and gardening aesthetics. In this blog, I will talk about the significance of trees as part of a landscaping venture and how it can make a difference in the overall appeal of your backyard.

Trees give stature, dimension and texture to one’s place if properly arranged and planted. They are truly incredible in making the entire place lovely all year round.

When finally decided to incorporate trees in your garden or backyard landscape, there are some things to consider since trees can’t be easily removed or replanted to another spot as you would usually do to other foliage on your garden. Trees can stay in your garden for decades so it is very essential to choose the best ones which can give you the most benefit over time.

Right Location

First thing that you need to consider when choosing trees is the location on where they thrive best. You have to determine the available spot where you are planning to plant the trees. For sunny areas, large varieties of trees are available. You can choose among:

  • Cottonwood – this variety grows up to 90 feet. Also, it grows fast and has the ability to stay strong despite of long days without water.
  • Maple Tree – this is another variety that grows as big and wide as 50 feet. Though they are mostly seen in the backyard, you still need to check if your space can accommodate such big tree.
  • Pine Trees – one good thing about pine tree is its good lovely foliage that never goes out all year round, it gives great shade and has an amazing height that will surely tower your garden or landscape.
  • White Birch – add this variety on your backyard and you’ll surely love its unique white bark that gradually peels through the years.
  • Oak Tree – this classic tree gives good shade while spreading its wide branches that could reach up to 50 feet. Some varieties grow fast like pin and red oaks while others may take time – it depends on you which one you’ll choose which you feel would add character to your place.

If your place is quite shady then choose varieties that grow in this type of condition. Among those trees are:

  • Balsam Fir – this variety is shade tolerant which typically grows up to 20 meters. This can add texture on your backyard as its young barks turn to rough and scaly when turns old.
  • American Holly – this variety is native of eastern America. It has greenish white flowers which can add beauty to your garden.
  • Southern Magnolia – this tree can grow up to 90 feet if the location fits the variety. It has large, white-scented flowers which makes it a great addition to your garden.
  • Pepperidge Tree – this species is great for wet soils or area prone to flood. Though this may not be common, this distinct specie is ideal for artistic owners who love carving.
  • American Hophornbeam – this brown-bark tree can grow up to 18 meters. It has lovely flowers which are quite interesting. During spring season, new foliage starts to appear.

Enough Space

This is another consideration that you need to mull over. Trees need wide areas to grow well depending on their species but most of them thrive well in spacious backyards. Their roots run deep in the ground and can affect nearby plants so as much as possible, they need to have their own spot in your garden. This will also allow the trees to grow into its full-size which will maximize its beauty and fascinating character.

The Shape

Gardeners tend to have their own choice of favorite trees, apart from its flowers and lush leaves; tree-shape is a big factor. The shape of the tree in your backyard can actually make a huge difference – at afar it can create either a mystique or fierce look which can truly reflect your personality.

  • Cone – this has a common round base becoming narrower while going up. Most conifers have this regular shape like species of blue spruce and magnolia.
  • Round – this is the most common shape like those of round balls. This is ideal for a formal landscape. Species include maple trees and bur oak.
  •  Irregular – this shape have strange and random branches going in all directions. They can create drama into your backyard or garden, some species in this shape are smoke trees and silver maple.
  • Columnar – this shape of tree has uniformed length, usually slim and tall. This is also good to be planted in long straight driveways. Species include cherry and sugar maples.
  • Weeping – these trees vary in size but their leaves seem to be looking down to the ground. This is perfect if you want a good shade in your backyard, varieties will be weeping willows and katsura.
  • Vase – this is mostly used in driveways and streets as they don’t have many branches to block a good view. Its branches usually grow in upward angle with somehow a rectangular-like shape.
  • Horizontal – this variety of tree needs wide space as its branches grow outward in horizontal position. It spreads its branches like birds that are about to fly, varieties include hornbeam and red oak.
  • Fastigiate – they are perfect as windbreaks as they grow in narrow and elongated form. They serve as great hedges or screens to set boundaries. Examples include European Beech.

Trees have distinguishing character that makes them a good influence in whatever backyard setting. Some have great flowers and vibrant fruits which add appeal if you know how to maximize their true value and strength. In addition, they don’t need enough time for maintenance but still continue to grow in good shape the whole year. Their superior presence in your garden or backyard can provide you another opportunity to create better view, you can add some benches or table sets under them. As much as possible, try to have at least one tree in your backyard or garden and sooner or later you will realize their great value.

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