Innovative Way to Landscape: Use Recycled Materials

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landscapingLandscaping can be a great way to showcase your creative side. In most cases, a sustainable environment needs to be initiated at home and your landscaping project is a good start. Recycling used materials and furniture at home seem to be a good choice. As most homemakers tend to change their home furnishings every now and then, instead of putting these items to waste, why not utilize them in something more productive?

Your garden and outdoor areas have great spaces for your used items as long as you know how to maximize them. You can either recreate or renovate them into something more useful and beautiful for your landscaping project.

Broken and Crushed Concrete

Bits and pieces of used concretes are perfect for your pavements and pathways. If properly maximized, they can be an asset in your landscaping venture. The contrast of colors and sizes can add character and appeal which can be of the same effect when stones or bricks are used. So instead of buying, why not consider them as replacement?

Old Drawers, Boxes and Many Others

Who said that those bulky yet lovely pieces of home furnishings are useless and has to be put on garbage trucks? They can still be used as a practical embellishment on your landscaped garden.

  • Colander – old strainers are great planters for your hanging plants. Their holes can give plant roots a space to breathe and serve as good built-in drainage.
  • Old Drawers – they are good planters which can be attached on your wall. It can create a unique and vintage look on your garden which can make it more appealing.
  • Mirrors – who said mirrors are just for indoor use? They can give an interest to a boring garden landscape. They usually have colored and intricate frames which will surely add impact.
  • Old Fences – you don’t need to throw all old fences, some of them can be built into great arbors and trellis for your crawling plants. They are not only giving different heights, they also provide varying dimensions and style as well.
  • Old Doors – try to imagine a garden with a door, isn’t that fairy tale-like? It is unusual to enter a garden through a door, but in your case you can do it. It can be great arbor with vines twisting and curling on its frame.
  • Old Figurines – a good landscape needs balance, and there has to be a focal point which these old figurines are ideal to be positioned in. You can create a mosaic in the middle of your garden with stones and figurine structured according to your choice of theme.
  • Old Chandeliers – more often than not, colorful beads and glasses of chandeliers are given away to garbage trucks. This time, why don’t you drape them in the center of your benches or outdoor furniture sets? They are surely an eye-catcher.
  • Old chairs – chairs are easy to complement to any themed garden or patio. You can paint them with vibrant colors and place your planters on top of it. This can be placed in several corners of your garden to blend in with the other embellishments used.
  • Glasses – almost every home have bits and pieces of broken glasses. They are not only colorful and sheer but they create a different appeal once struck by the sunrays. They can be constructed as anything you want to be a focal point in your garden or you can collect them together and create a privacy fence or wall.

landscapePerfect Edging for Character

A garden needs edging to have character. Also, this has to be done for weeds not to encroach the garden beds. Most of the time, stones and bricks are used for edging, but homemakers can make a difference this time. You can use your plastic wares and bottles at home. The contrasting beauty of each item will add glamour to your edging project.

Do not undervalue the use of old items at home. You don’t always have to spend money in order to have a distinct garden appeal. You can always look inside your home for some items and materials which can still be of use for your outdoor venture. Maximize the use of every resource that you have and don’t purchase immediately. Who knows? You may just have good replacements inside your home!

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