SMALL SPACE LANDSCAPES: 7 Ideas to Make Your Garden Appear Bigger than It Actually Is

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No matter how small your outdoor space is, there are always a million ideas to make the most of it.  There are many things you can do with it and that includes transforming it into your dream garden. No matter how limited your space is, there are always solutions to make it appear wider and bigger than it actually is.

Utilize Plants and Flowers Effectively

To make your garden appear longer, plant flowers with the boldest and brightest colors in front. Keep non-flowering plants and light-colored flowers at the back, nearer to the house. Brightly-colored flowers usually catch attention and the eye would havehas the tendency to drift from the boldest color to the lightest, thus , creating an illusion of length.

Create an Illusion of Straight Lines

Plant shrubs or trees in rows in both sides of your garden. Just like a picturesque painting, rows of shrubs or trees on both sides of the garden can create an illusion of length. This will trick the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. Maximize the power of perspective. Form slanting rows with ends meeting each other.

Break a Small Space into Smaller Areas

Most people think that breaking it a landscape into smaller areas will make it appear crowded. On the contrary however, it will create a larger feel especially with beds of flowers arranged lengthwise. Group perennial plants in one bed, then biennials in another and annuals in another bed. Inject a few flowering plants in between to add some striking colors.  Plant them in the corners of the garden to spice up boring spaces.

Add Interesting Pieces to Create Distraction

A small backyard can be easily transformed into an interesting nook by adding a mixture of pavement materials or a centerpiece such as a small fountain. Using a mixture of different paving materials arranged in an artistic way can keep the eye away from the small landscape. Adding a centerpiece can also bring the eye towards the piece and away from the limited space.

Make Use of Views Adjacent to Your Yard

Open spaces adjacent to your yard can be used to create an extended view of your garden. When planting trees, make sure to position it in such a way that it still leaves a view of your neighbor’s open space. This way when people look at your garden, the view of the sky on the background will keep it from looking cramped and stuffy.

Take Advantage of Big Tropical Plants

Tropical plants with lush, wide and bold leaves create an illusion that the area is larger than it actually is. A lush, green color all over the garden creates a feeling of continuity and helps create an illusion of a wider space. Texture can be taken advantage of to create a wider feel of a particular area. Traveler Palms and Bananas are good choices because they have wide leaves.

Create a Destination Towards the Back of the Garden

A small gazebo, garden set, trellis or a pergola with drifting vines and flowers positioned towards the back of the garden drifts the eye from the front of the yard towards the back, creating a sweeping look of the area. To even give an even more spacious look, add a pathway leading towards the destination.

There are many tricks to help create a spacious look for small space yards. You can take advantage of colors, textures, different shapes and heights to create a more spacious feel. You just need careful planning such as finding the right plants for your garden, strategically placing focal points, choosing the right paving materials and making use of proper lighting.

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