Where Can My Garden Grow?

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Not a lot of people are privileged to have a big land area to do gardening at home. However, it is fortunate to know that container gardening is available to cater indoor planting. Container gardening can also be done outdoors for those who want to keep close track of their plants and increase its mobility. Unlike regular gardening, you will be able to move your plants from one place to another.

Houses with small spaces can enjoy having varieties of flowers and even vegetables in their container gardens. These can be placed in different areas of the house such as patios and balconies. However, there are also some cons that should be considered to ensure a successful container garden. One of these is the mess that the soil leaves after you cultivate it. Homeowners can take care of this concern by cleaning it right away. Runoff water is another concern that should be taken care of otherwise it will drip and make the floors slippery.

Nevertheless, there are more advantages that homeowners can get from container gardening. Take a look at the following advantages that you can get from container gardening:

No Space Restrictions

Unlike regular gardening, you don’t need a huge space to be able to get all your shrubs, flowers and vegetables planted. You can also easily water them, watch them grow and move them from one space to another.

Increased Mobility

Container gardening allows you to move plants from one place to another. This increases mobility that can make you control the amount of sunlight that your plant receives. You can also move them in especially during winter seasons that is not possible with regular gardening.

Ideal for Beginners

Homeowners who have strong desires to learn the art of gardening can start with the basics of container gardens. This will broaden their knowledge and eventually can get to work in regular gardens.

Easy Selection of Plants

Container gardening will allow you to choose the kind of plants that you can use easily. You don’t have to continuously test the condition of soil like the traditional landscape gardening as you can get plants that are compatible with the current type of soil you have available.

Additional Beauty and Décor

People who pass by your house and see blooming flowers outside your window boxes will be amazed with the beauty it brings. Using different containers can also enhance the beauty inside and outside your home.

Container gardening is a great way to spend your leisure time. It is also a good chance for you to beautify your home. Although you may have limited space, you can enjoy looking at small shrubs that bear flowers when they bloom. You can also adjust the number of plants you want to get planted. Homeowners can also get these container gardens moved from one place to another easily. You can also enjoy organic vegetables once they bear produce.


The patio or the balcony is an ideal place for you to put your container garden. This will give your plants adequate sunlight before you get them moved inside your house. If you plan to let your containers stay out in your balcony, make sure that the plants in your containers are ideal for warmer climates hence they will wither. Placing them in the patio or balcony will help beautify the exterior of your house.

Window Boxes

If you don’t have a balcony in your house, you can use window boxes instead. You can make a window box or get a sturdy wood that can hold plant containers. Be sure that is can hold the weight of the soil in your container. Putting plants in window boxes will allow it to receive sufficient sunlight. This will also add more beauty to your house as people will see additional decors just outside your window pane.

Hanging Containers

This is another option that you can take for your container garden. You can hang containers in the upper deck of your house just above your doorsteps. Plastic containers can be used for easy hanging. Make sure that you plant small shrubs or flowers as your hanging container might fall of due to the weight of the soil you use.

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